Back to School

"Brad, you've been away for a long time. And every time you come back after a long absence, you apologize and say you will try and do better. And then you pretty much don't."


OK, that's out of the way.

For today, I am back. Here's what I've been up to:

I went back to school. I'm on the 24-year plan to finish up my bachelor's degree. And I will be done in March. I am really excited about this, and pretty proud of myself for finally seeing this through. My mom will also be happy, which is nice.

I joined a band. I am now playing bass with the band Leaving Springfield. Their latest album, Scars Shame Glory, was just released last Friday. (I'm not on it, as it was recorded before I joined. I just think it's cool.) Oh yeah, I started playing bass.

I started playing the bass guitar. And I am having a blast!

Here's to hoping I actually am better about reaching out.

Love, Brad

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