From the recording Father of the Year (acoustic)

I missed my youngest daughter's birth and first three birthdays due to various Army commitments, including two deployments to Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division Band. I returned from that second deployment the day after her third birthday. I promised myself, and her, that I wouldn't miss another, and so far I have kept that promise.
To me, this is about hope. We always seem to wish we could do better, and as long as we are still drawing breath, there is still a chance.


Father of the Year
She called me on the road
Said "it's a girl, and we're both fine.
She's got eyes like yours
And hair like mine"
"Tell her I'll be there in a day or two.
Give my love to brother and sister,
And save a little back for you"
Didn't start out this year
Like I planned
I hoped we'd have more time
And I hope you'll understand
Doing all I can even though I can't be therre
Maybe next year I'll be father of the year
Three days before she turns three
And I'm looking for a phone
Gonna be a bit longer
But I'll be home
(pre chorus)
There's been too much time
And too much space
The best I can ain't what you need
But there's still time
To close this space
When I've got you in my arms