The new CD, Earthbound, was sort of an accident. A few months back, I bought the TASCAM iM-2, a microphone that connects to your iPhone or iPad. As I was packing for a family trip to Colorado, I threw the mic into my guitar case. On the drive up, I thought, "Maybe I should try and record something each day." So, after I got the kids to bed each day, I went outside and sat on the porch, pushed record, and started to play. I thought I could put them up on Soundcloud or something, give people something to listen to. Then I really started liking what I was doing. "I could turn this into a CD."

I had been telling myself I would record an album for a couple of years. You may have noticed that Earthbound is my first CD. Exactly. I had a flash, that I could do this. I had to do this. I got really clear about it. It's amazing what happens when you are really clear in your mind about what you want.

I remembered that Ty Tabor, of the amazing band King's X, does mastering projects when he's not busy being the guitar player in one of the best bands ever, so I went to his studio's site and got the ball rolling. This was when I knew, "This is really happening." I took a step towards the goal, and all of the sudden felt like I was rolling down the hill.

So. I had planned for years that my CD would have my vocal songs on it. All those passionate tunes that I sweated and agonized over. But what happened was six nights turned into a new vision for what my music could be. Still passionate, heartfelt; but also raw and in the

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