I'm sitting in a room, surrounded by art. I really want you to see it. 

A few months ago, I worked on the crew that built the main stage for the Life is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas. Sometime around then I saw an amazing photo from the event. It's just breathtaking. You don't even know. Anyways, I did some digging and discovered that it was by Cameron Grant. I followed him on Facebook and looked around a bit, but sort of let it go.

A few months later, I saw a post that Cameron was looking for people to work in his brand new gallery, and I jumped at the opportunity. Now, my skill set is pretty much playing guitar and being awesome, so I don't know much about art. But I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by these amazing works.

So here I am. Inside The High Points Gallery at The Container Park in downtown Vegas. I'm being inspired, and I'm excited for you to see these amazing images. 

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