There's this thing called National Novel Writing Month. It was made up by some drunk dudes in San Francisco. (documented fact. except maybe the drunk part. But definitely dudes in San Francisco.) The object is to write a 50,000 page work of fiction in the month of November, which, as everyone knows, is the worst, crappiest month there is.

I did it last year. I made it up by the seat of my pants from one little idea I had. That idea carried me to about 42,000 words. So I had to make up 8,000 more words of stuff for my characters to do, or to happen to them. (They call that being a "pantser.")

This year, I'm attempting to plot it out in advance. I get stuck at the first step of every method I try. Especially that one that was like "have everything figured out in your head before you do anything. You should have started this last year."

Anyone else ever done NaNoWriMo? If you're on the site, I'm there as BradBailey.

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