Earthbound liner notes

I wanted to share with you the liner notes from Earthbound, since it hasn't been released on actual CD yet. You can buy the digital version now on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and CDBaby, and hear it on Spotify.


Brad Bailey


All music composed and performed by Brad Bailey


Produced and engineered by Brad Bailey

Recorded July 1-9, 2012, Estes Park, Colorado

Mastered by Ty Tabor at Alien Beans Studio -

Artwork by Molly Lynn Garvey at Monarch Media Design -

Photography by Phelicia DeRosier at Abundant Life Photography

Dedicated to Grace, Ford, and Faith. You’re my world. I love you with everything I have.

In Memory of Raymond Williams - friend, teacher, guitarist extraordinaire, and the first person who made me think I could maybe do this. Over 12 years ago. I finally got there. Thank you, my friend.

Thanks to Daniel Ledwig, Verd Bailey, Michael Weisberg, Christina Carrasqilla, Randy Kirkpatrick, Joseph Mari, Lisa Simotes, Kayla Gaddis, Jeremy and Lisa Shockey, Mary Beth McFann, Natalie La Mantia, Phelicia DeRosier, Bridgette Dyer, Janice Nickerson, Michael and Amanda Norman, and Jen Creason.

Special thanks to Verd and Cherri Bailey, Corrine Bailey, and Rebecca Bailey for belief and for providing the recording locations.

Extra special thanks to Melissa Danielson.



I had the kids for two weeks vacation during July of 2012, and wanted to take them to Estes Park, CO, to visit my dad and my sister. As an afterthought, I threw a microphone into my guitar bag as I packed. On the drive up from my home in Las Vegas, I had a thought. “I should try and record something every day.” After I got the kids to bed each night, I would go outside, hit “record,“ and start playing. What you have here is the music as it happened, the notes as they spilled from my fingers and the strings. Raw. Real. No fixes. On the “Fall River” pieces, you can hear the Fall River as it runs along the back porch at my Dad’s place. As I listened back, I really liked what I heard. Maybe it could be an album.

And so you have Earthbound. Real music, by a real guy, played on real wood and steel. I had a blast making it, and hope you enjoy listening.

Earthbound was recorded with a Tascam iM2 microphone into my iPhone. I played “Miss Taylor,” a Taylor 214ce guitar. I was tuned to C# - F# - B - E - G# - C#, which is standard tuning down a minor third.


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