Hey there, friends, family, and other friends. I have some very cool things on the horizon that I want to tell you about.


First, my debut CD, Earthbound, is due out October 2, 2012. I'm really excited about this. It is an instrumental, acoustic guitar album, that was entirely improvised on the spot. What you hear is what happened those days in and around Estes Park, Colorado. No fixes. Just real, earthy, soulful music from the heart, recorded with Miss Taylor and my Tascam iM2 microphone. It was mastered by one of my all time heroes, Ty Tabor. He didn't tell me to stop playing guitar, so it's gotta be pretty good, right?

Also, I'm playing this Saturday, September 1, at Choices Pub in Las Vegas, NV. It's a free show starting at 9PM, with my friends Ginger Reed, Bud Mickle, and Bill Wakefield. They tell me there will be drink specials. I'm going to be playing a couple new songs for you.

My 80's cover band, The Neighbors, is just about ready to release the New Wave awesomeness on your ears. All those keyboard, synth, and horn lines? I'm using the pedal board of doom to generate the wall of sound. It's a fun twist on some great music.

Take care my friends. And like King's X says, "Go Tell Somebody."


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