Brad Reviews Stuff - Episode 1 - Scale the Summit - The Migration

From time to time, I'm going to review some music, books, movies, or gear. I'm also going to assume that this will be of some interest to you. First up, the new album from Scale The Summit, The Migration.


Scale The Summit - The Migration

I first discovered Scale The Summit when it was announced that they would be a part of the first Prog Nation tour. I downloaded "Bloom," the first track off of their second album, Carving Desert Canyons, to check them out. I wasn't really paying attention when it came on, then boom. I was blown away. Soaring melodies, rich guitar tones, tight bass and drums; I was hooked. (Warning: I'm kind of a fanboy.)

The Migration, their latest set, is admittedly not much of a departure from the style of their previous releases. This is not at all a bad thing; I'm a huge fan of their melodic instrumental "adventure metal." This disc was produced by the band and Jamie King, and tonally it is a step up from their last disc, The Collective. Although made up of blazing players, STS never relies on shredding for shredding's sake. They have a strong melodic sense, and it carries through all the tracks on the album.

I can't recommend The Migration highly enough. Fantastic instrumentals, flawless performances, and no annoying vocals.


Get it at the band's store, iTunes, and Amazon. And check them out at

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