Brad and his blu rays

So, I have a lot of movies on blu-ray. And I sometimes feel guilty about buying new ones when I haven't watched all the ones I already have in a long time. (Not guilty enough to not buy new ones, but whatevs.) So i came up with sort of a weird way to pick which one I will watch next.

I organized all the ones I haven't watched yet since I moved into my new place in chronological order. Now, the movies I've already watched are in alphabetical order on another shelf unit. (I divided the alphabet pretty much evenly, and this resulted in some shelves having more videos than others. I guess a lot of my movies start with either s or a.) So I go through chronologically, but skip over ones that would go on a more-full shelf, until the "watched" shelves have equal numbers of movies.

Somewhere in here, I decided to try and collect every Oscar-winner for Best Picture since 1976, with the eventual goal of getting all Best Picture winners. And here's where this fact comes in: I'm stuck at The King's Speech. For whatever reason, I can't bring myself to watch it. So I've messed around, watching shows on Netflix and Hulu instead, hoping that maybe today will be the day when I watch another movie with British people being really British. (Which normally I like. Except Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. That was super boring.) 

Anyway, do you have any weird habits when it comes to organizing movies, music, or books?

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